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Meet Odelle

The DSH/Grey and white striped
Julie Augostino St. Albans
Miss Odelle is a fun, crazy, funny family member who wants her mother's crown. She is annoyed she's only a Duchess, and wants to be Queen. Of all. She's cuddly when she's hungry and LOVES to play. Catnip is great, but the crash is annoying. Got a new brother with whom she heartily loves to annoy.
The book "Sybil", her many personalities can relate. A good window seat. Jumping on counters looking for a throne to sit on. Letting you know it's time to eat.
Not finding a throne yet. Being outside of any door in the house. Being ignored.
Favorite Foods
Fish, fish and fish.
Favorite Pastimes
Entering a room and being applauded. Rousing everyone at 5:30. Annoying her brother Dandy.

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