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Meet Squeaky

The American shorthair tabby
Arlene Aughey northern NJ

Squeaky was a little stray kitten when she wandered into our yard (she must have known we had already adopted a Mama stray with her 3 sons!).  She would jump out of the bushes into our arms and purr.  So how could you resist!  Of course we adopted her also, and now she is just another delightful member of the family.  We named her Squeaky because she doesn't really meow, she sort of squeaks her comments. 

The Squeaker
snuggling, dry crunchy cat food, her big stepbro cat, Blondie (who is about twice her size)
hearing doorbells or even car doors outside
Favorite Foods
dry crunches
Favorite Pastimes
running around in a tizzy especially up and down steps

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