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Meet Blueberry

The Domestic Shorthair
Will and Madison Clearwater
Blueberry is an energetic youthful kitten who takes interest in playing with her 4 other siblings (even when they don’t want to). She was rescued from a car engine and given a nice home when a man brought her into the store her owners work at. She’s trained to go to a specific room when it’s either breakfast or dinner time and she never breaks routine. Blueberry likes to hide toys under the bed or under dressers and her owners will find stashes when they’re cleaning.
~7 months
Laser pointers, crinkles balls, and sprinting
Being smothered and knowing she’s not the boss
Favorite Foods
Salmon wet food, chicken dry food, and tuna loins
Favorite Pastimes
Looking at anoles outside, trilling, and unraveling the toilet paper

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