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Meet Dumpling

The Ragdoll
Tony Niazi Vancouver BC
He greets me by the door when I come home. He sits next to me to groom my legs when I watch TV. He hides under dinning table when he hears loud noises or senses unfamiliar people in the house. He belly roll to beg for treats. He meows to let me know he finishes his litter box business. He loves to chew plastic bags and try to fit himself into any carboard boxes. He demands all the doors in the house to remain open, including bathroom doors, or else he will meow until it is opened.
Yum yum boy
Snuggle with me on the sofa
Loud noises and strangers in the house
Favorite Foods
Inaba Churu Creamy Puree Cat Treat - Tuna
Favorite Pastimes
Afternoon nap on the cat tree

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