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Meet Mad Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat / Mix
Michael Anderson Raleigh, NC

Mad Cat is named after a cartoon villain, but don't be fooled.  He's extremely sweet and happy, unless he's going to the vet.  Mad Cat thinks he is human: he stands on his tip toes while reaching up to hug and kiss his owner, he SITS WHERE HE WANTS, and he demands to be included in video/board game night.  It is because of (the) Mad Cat that three former cat-haters have seen the error of their ways and adopted cats.  He is, indeed, best cat ever.

Little Man, Buddy, Handsome Man, Bad Cat.
Bowties, video games, Smokey in the Bandit, whatever you're doing.
Not being included in WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING. The Vet.
Favorite Foods
Human food, kitten food, butter. Not his food. The brand-new goldfish we just bought an hour ago.
Favorite Pastimes
Constantly trying to eat dangerous items. Not going to the vet. Lurking. Sitting in-between you and the computer screen.

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