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Meet Tobias

The Domestic Shorthaired Tabby
Jade Exeter
Toby is a fun, loving and playful little tabby with great fashion sense and personality. He has a big heart when it comes to cuddling his pawrents! Since being rescued from a shelter, Toby has really come out of his shell and shown how much of a loving and caring feline he can be. He has adapted to his new life here in Exeter and I am sure he wouldn't change it for the world.
Toby, bubby, bean, tobean
Belly rubs, posing in front of the camera, eating lots of food, kisses, hanging out with neighbour's cats, yoga!
Being disturbed from his sleep (who doesn't?)
Favorite Foods
Chicken, salmon and dreamies treats!
Favorite Pastimes
Playing on his cat tree, kicking a ping pong ball, cuddling, sleeping, eating

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