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Meet Sasha

Tina Nebraska City, NE

My Sasha, my Everything!  She was born under a wood pile in the country along with her 4 kitten mates.  My mom found them after the mama kitty was hit and killed by a car.  My mom saw the mama was nursing some babies, so she spent all day and night looking for the kittens.  Thankfully they were found and rescued at about 4-5 weeks old. We found very good homes for all and I couldn't resist keeping Princess Sasha for myself. Luv her SO MUCH!

Sasha Washa, Stink Pot, Angel Baby, Sweetie
Lettuce and Cat Treats
The Vacuum, company
Favorite Foods
Grilled Tuna and Savory Seafood Bake
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping and watching birds through the patio door

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