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Meet Geddy

The Bengal
Linnea Pitt meadows, BC
My cat is 16 years old, has lived 8 years with kidney disease and has fought real hard for those 8 years while accepting two different pills a day and an injection each night before bed. He has a broke tail from when he has born but he can’t feel it, doesn’t know the different but it makes him unique. He is so loving and the nicest cat in the world.
Geds, Geddles
Cuddles, my head touched, playing with my sister, big stretches with my sister, holding hands when I’m sleeping
Butt scratches
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Rubbing my face into my owners hair, I love the smell of her freshly showered hair, also head buts, I love giving head buts and cuddling with my dad as well.

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