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Meet Pixel

The Tabby
Maria and Emily Vancouver Washington
Pixel is a delightful and devilishly mischevious kitty whom we adopted from the Humane Society in Oregon. My 20-year-old cat that had emigrated here with me from Ireland had just passed after a second stroke, and I felt the need for another kittypanion. I went to the Humane Society and didn't connect with the cats there until one of the staff said 'Hey, we just got a little guy back from a family who adopted him two weeks ago, turns out they're allergic to him, wanna meet him?" and that as t
4 months
Me and Emily, chasing things, toys, any kinds of adventures.
other cats and big dogs, being told no.
Favorite Foods
Cat food, chicken, (all people food although he's not allowed) San Pellegrino water, (also not allowed) his cat food is Blue Buffalo
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, chasing lasers, playing, eating chicken, climbing on everything, being cute and adorable.

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