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Meet Beatrice Noir

The Norwegian Forest Cat
Carla Azar Los Angeles
Beatrice was a homeless kitten that won me over with her innocence, fearlessness, and kindness. She's strangely not afraid of any humans, other animals, or loud noises like fireworks. She's highly intelligent & curious and very much like a dog. I think because she was a homeless kitten, she has a rare street-smart, fearless personality to go along with her gentle, loving nature and charm. She'll lay down the law if need be. She's incredibly photogenic & everyone that meets her falls in love.
going outside for 10 min, sleeping on humans, Barnyard Buddies yarn toys, circling the human leg
chicken, catnip
Favorite Foods
Weruva wet food, salmon, asparagus (true and weird) almond milk
Favorite Pastimes
jumping from dresser to the bed (6 ft distance), chasing imaginary objects, talking to dogs, sleeping in her spaceship in the daytime, bringing toys to me with a crazy voice

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