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Meet Colby Jack

The Loveable mix
Matti Sioux City
Jack is named after my son's favorite cheese. We picked him due to his lack of fear. He is both a complete menace and a total love bug. He has no fear of vacuums, loves boxes to the point of getting stuck, wants to be involved in all human processes, and hates anything on counters. When he isn't sprinting about the house, he is a cuddle bug and is always the first to say hi to new people (odd trait for a cat.) He came to a chaotic house... and fits in perfect.
"Jack Attack"
Being left out. Of anything. Even that 5 minutes you think you get in the bathroom... nope.
Favorite Foods
Cardboard and book edges.
Favorite Pastimes
Fitting into any and all boxes. Counter clearance. Racing about for no reason. Shadowboxing.

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