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Meet Sky

The Fluffy Monster x Cuddly Wumpkin
Matti Sioux City
Sky Kitty is a giant 18lb fluff monsters of a cuddle bucket. He truly picked us by jumping out of the arms of the assistant at the shelter, running to us, and reaching up to touch my face with a paw as if to say "You're here! You're finally here to take me home!" So we did and he is the best cat ever. He is sweet, gentle, and unflappable. He loves all people and animals. He just wants to be talked to, loved, and included in whatever activity my family is doing... especially if it involves tu
"Fluffbucket" "Sky Kitty"
String! .... and tuna.
Competing with babies for lap time.
Favorite Foods
Tuna snacks. Tuna fish. Tuna fancy feast. Canned Tuna. Homogenized Tuna flavored byproduct snacks bits. Tuna smell.
Favorite Pastimes
Being a giant fluffy floof with a second job as a lap warmer.

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