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Meet Nico Too

The Siberian Forest Cat
Nico is a handsome boy kitty, always fancy dressed with his white cravat. He is a compulsive excessive groomer. Because of this, he has extreme hairball issues. He likes his morning brushies. I do what I can to make sure he is able to get rid of his hair balls. He was once hospitalized because he could not get rid of his hairball and couldn’t eat even though he wanted to. Poor baby. He is the prince of the realm as I see it. I am his servant and provide for him. I love him so much!
Pookie, Bear, Fluffy Littleton, Bubba, koo kai
Cardboard for rubbing against , Disney songs
Vet and being ignored
Favorite Foods
Tuna Juice, freeze dried raw salmon and chicken
Favorite Pastimes
Walkies outside

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