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Meet Pinky

The Domestic Shorthair
Ana Alexandria, VA
Pinky is the chillest cat we’ve ever owned. All of our 4 cats our easygoing and almost dog-like, but Pinky more so than the other three. Pinky is so laidback, we’ve never heard him hiss or growl, he doesn’t bite, he’s just a cool cat.
Pinky Poo, Pink, Mr. Pink, Mr. Steal Your Girl,
Temptation treats, snuggling, purring, talking, running around like a spaz at 3 a.m., his sister The Princess
Vacuum cleaner, getting his eyes cleaned, kisses on the face (although he lets me do it begrudgingly)
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast chicken fillets and tortilla chips
Favorite Pastimes
Making us laugh, instigating and looking handsome

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