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Meet Khaleesi

The Domestic shorthair
Amber Vickers Oscoda
Khaleesi is a big kitty, but he's full of love! We've raised him since he was 4 weeks old. He's a very proud kitty. He's also very well mannered. He's honestly one of the best cats you could ask for. One thing he usually does is "kill" his stuffed bunny and bring his offering to me to find in my bed lol
Weesy baby, big guy, punkin, fluffy buddy
Kitty massages and good scratches, fluffy fuzzy blankets, tummy rubs, making messes, scratching post
Being told no, being woken up, his sister attacking him while he's sleeping
Favorite Foods
Any food lol
Favorite Pastimes
Wrestling with his little sister, sleeping, watching out the windows, following mom around, killing his stuffed bunny

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