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Meet Popcorn

Cassondra Hazard, Ky

Popcorn the unwilling cat participant. But once he had the Santa outfit on he wouldn't take it off! He's super lazy but loves to chase my dogs through the house. Mischevious isn't even close to describing him! If he can get into it he will. 

I found him as a tiny toothless kitten under a car after a flood. His momma was nowhere to be found so I brought the little guy in and warmed him up. Now he is my velcro kitty!

Pops, Poppy, KittyCorn, Popsicle
head scratches, chasing, burrowing under cover, attacking windows
belly rubs, fish, waking up before noon
Favorite Foods
Literally anything chicken
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping

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