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Meet Grandma kitty

The Black and white
Katie Turner Sweet Home, Oregon
This is my childhood kitty, she is around 16 years old and loving life. Grandma kitty does not let her age get in her way. She loves going outside to sunbathe, roll in the dirt or feel the grass between her toes. She also loves christmas, once you start wrapping she will be right there with you on the floor getting inside the boxes and playing with the ribbon. She shows me not to ever let your age get in the way of having fun and being yourself. She is truly young at heart and I love her dearly.
Rolling in the dirt, sunbathing, sleeping, eating, sitting in boxes, meowing
Neighbors cats
Favorite Foods
Cat food, licking the butter off the butterknife on the counter, licking empty ice cream bowls
Favorite Pastimes
Christmas, and summertime

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