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Meet Moses Jeffrey

The Domestic Shorthair - Black
Brenda L. Green Bay. WI

Mozie is a sweet, silly boy who loves to cuddle in bed, but only on his terms.  I adopted him from the local Humane Society.  He's got a tiny little squeak for a meow and when he walks, he's dainty like a ballerina, but when he runs, he's like a tiny horse galloping! hahaha He's about 2 years old now and I couldn't love him more, my sweet baby boy!

Mozie, Sweet Boy, Baby Mozie, The Mozie
His morning wet food; treats when mom comes home; catnip; getting brushed
Being picked up and hugged and squeezed; being chased by mom
Favorite Foods
Any wet food; kitty treats; turkey, ham, bologna (but only a teeny, tiny piece); TUNA!!!! (a very rare treat)
Favorite Pastimes
Lying on the bed; watching mom move about in the kitchen; getting brushed; lying in the sun

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