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Meet Quincy & Freda

The Devon Rex
Elisha Cruz Melbourne, victoria
Quincy and freda are from the same mum and Dad (only a year later). We got Quincy and he was such a playful exciting new edition to the family. However we always felt so sad leaving him on his own because he is more of a cat Dog and craves that human interaction. A year later we decided to expand the family again and picked up little Freda. She is a cheeky little pocket rocket and gives Quincy a run for his money! The have been inseparable ever since and have become best buds!
1 year (Quincy) and 3 months (Freda)
Quincy Pop and Fifa
the heater this time of year!
doors being closed
Favorite Foods
Ziwi + Feline natural
Favorite Pastimes
playing fetch and nibbling on mums expensive indoor plants (non toxic to cat plants)

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