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Meet Roadie

The American Longhair
Jacob Nashville
Roadie was found as a kitten when she had lost her mama cat. A man tried to throw her off a bridge when she had tried to cross a highway. She was saved by two very kind young ladies and was taken to multiple vets who all said she would not make it through the night. One pet shop was kind enough to give them all the medicine and supplies they would need to help her. Roadie made it through the night and is now a healthy, beautiful young cat.
3 Years.
Roadie B-doadie
Sleeping, being beautiful, catnip, and playing with fuzzy toys.
Being bothered while shes eating, being ignored, and getting held too much.
Favorite Foods
Chicken and Beef
Favorite Pastimes
Traveling with her (past) owner and seeing things from her RV. Running around downstairs and looking out the window as well as playing with her bst friend, Boe. (also entered)

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