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Meet Spook 2

The She is something between a house cat and a Siamese
Elouri Hoopstad

She is very busy cat she loves her food she loves to sleep with my son on my son's bed she loves playing with her mother that her mother is a longhair cat the name a spook because she's white and she has blue eyes like a Siamese she's my husband's cat in the morning when he goes to the bathroom she is with him there in the morning early 7 7 o'clock she ask me for food she had 5 babies and I gave them away all of them were red like her mother she's a very

Think she is 1 year old or 2
She likes to bring bats and mice in the house
She hates dogs
Favorite Foods
Cat food normal human meat and so forth
Favorite Pastimes
She walked the whole time through

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