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Meet Loki

The Tabby

Loki is one of a kind, he's very smart for a kitten, as well as silly and playful, the expressions on his face are very distinct you can tell how he's feeling for sure! He loves to chase me, and be chased! He adores his food and loves his owners, he is truly one of a kind. He is a very silent cat, never meows only makes a chirpy noise when he wants, very unusual feline 

9 months
Loki-bear, kit, baby, Pepe La Peu, Chicken,
Food, treats, exploring, chasing things, love/hate relationship with water,toy mice, climbing on the Christmas tree, its endless!
hair dryer, foreign noises, being left alone, my guitar (even the look of it)
Favorite Foods
mostly what he can sneak from us, although he loves his fish and cooked chicken and treats
Favorite Pastimes
sneaking around, being nosy (e.g jumping on me or my mother, breaking into the toilet when we're in it) playing tag with me, me chasing him

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