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Meet Peppermint

The Domestic Shorthair (Rescue)
Gabriela Yellow Springs, Ohio
Peppermint is my handsome boy! We got him from a shelter (through PetSmart) in October 2018 when he was about 18 months. We adopted Nutmeg at the same time, so he has definitely become a big brother to her. He loves kneading when he gets petted. He is sometimes referred to as ä gargoyle because he perches atop our fridge around 4 pm every day and doesn't come down until we give him dinner. He is the sweetest boy ever. <3
3 (?)
Pep, Pepsi, Minty
his adopted sister Nutmeg, nighttime
his canine siblings, Major and Ivy
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
laser toy, napping, people-time

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