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Meet Jacko

The Calico Tabby
Jamie Pennock Elnora,AB

She is a very lazy and quiet cat. She loves laying on her favorite blanket and climbing some things. Jacko's favorite thing is being brushed,if you don't brush her she tries to brush herself! She also enjoys being cuddled. She is a very lazy cat by day but at night she is a very energetic cat! 

10 years old
Murf,Inky,Jackoman Shredder
Sleeping,Eating,Cuddling,Scratching,Chasing things on the floor,Being Brushed
Being woken up,Baths,Being Outside,Dogs,Strangers,Other Cats
Favorite Foods
Meow Mix,Cheese,Bacon
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping,Finding New Places To Hide,Playing

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