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Meet Maui

The Unknown
Ernest & Rita Sugar Land, TX

Maui was so wonderful, we felt as though WE were HIS pets! And oh, how he loved life! He had a great sense of humor, too, as you can see in this picture, which was taken in our tree house that Maui claimed as his own. Maui had many Turkish Van traits, but we don't know anything about his past. Maui first took shelter with our neighbors, but due to their allergies, they brought him to us. We couldn't have been happier. 

Going in and out of the house all day (and all night), Climbing up the tree fort steps and sliding down the slide, licking everything because he loved everything (his veterinarian, new bedding, us)
Using the litterbox (he preferred to go outside)
Favorite Foods
Greenies treats
Favorite Pastimes
Begging for (and eating) treats, sleeping outside right outside our bedroom window, being outside in the rain

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