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Meet Eir

The None
Alexandra and Eugen
Eir is a rescued female cat. She is about 7 months old now, but she entered our family when she was about 2. She had left tibial paralysis and multiple wounds. It was a heavy raining sunday when we took her in and treated her. Now, thanks to her amazing vet, she recovered completely and she is a very playful kitty. She purrs in our laps or bites our hands when she feels like. Her fur is extremely fluffy, not to mention her long haired tail and soft belly.
7 months
Water (from a distance), nuts, garbage, biting the carpet
any other food that is not meat, the vacuum, when a door is closed
Favorite Foods
Wet chunks in gravy (she only drinks the gravy, leaves the chunks) and kitty treats
Favorite Pastimes
giving us judgemental looks, chasing something only she sees, meowing randomly, watching from the balcony's window the pigeons she can not reach

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