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Meet Lily

The Calico
Peggy Freund Fond Du Lac, WI

Lily is a beautiful 16 year old calico cat that I adopted from the local Humane Society. We have 4 dogs in our household as well but Lily rules the roost! She thinks she's a dog and prefers to drink out of their water dishes instead of her own. She comes when called but still does whatever she wants to do. I had just gotten back from the lake and emptied the beach bag, when I came back this was what I found. She prefers random bags to lay on instead of the cat bed we bought for her.

Anything soft to lay on or any bags to sit in.
Lily doesn't like it when our dogs want to play with her. she lets them know in no uncertain terms to leave her alone!
Favorite Foods
Cheese and hot dogs
Favorite Pastimes
Annoying the dogs

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