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Meet Misty and Fairy

Elizabeth Currently residing in Anglesey, in North Wales

Misty is on the left, the one with the heart. Fairy is the tortoiseshell. Fairy died last year aged 20, she was born when I was four and I chose her because she was the runt of the litter. She was exceptionally needy, which contrasts against Misty who is always bringing baby bunnies home. Or she was, until my parents divorced and my mum left Scotland. She has been on a diet ever since, though already earned her reputation as Mistiana Jones. but for the ball rolling scene..

20 and 12
Aunt Fez and Mistiana Jones
Misty likes everything, Fairy liked whatever you're eating (usually my dad's peanuts)
Fairy is a fussy eater so disliked anything if served it twice, Misty dislikes the hoover.
Favorite Foods
Mentioned this above!
Favorite Pastimes
Misty likes philosophising, she can often be found sitting at the window and watching "her kingdom", Fairy liked constant human companionship and whistling, this she probably learned from her mother who went crazy if anyone ever whistled the Shrek tune.

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