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Meet Stuart

The White Albino
Debbie Stoney Creek

Hi, my name is Stuart and yes I am embarassed to say that I was named after Stuart the mouse,  I know we drive the same car, are both pale in complexion and have pink ears but that's where the similarities stop.  I like to go for long drives in my car and pick up chicks, not the flying kind though.  Hey, I'll be happy whether I win this contest or not.  I've already won as I no longer wander the farm fields of Winona - I have new comfortable digs.

Stu, Elvis the King - I like to turn my nose and curl my lip up when I don't get my way.
Mooching treats off of anyone who walks by the kitchen, spending time with my buddy Stache, my tie collection (from my fashion diva cousin Lulu Gizelle)
When the treat cupboard is empty
Favorite Foods
Treats, treats and more treats
Favorite Pastimes
As Chuck Berry says "Riding along in my automobile, my baby beside me at the wheel. Cruisin and playing the radio with no particular place to go"

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