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Meet Jasper

The White/Gray Longhair Persian
Erica Westfield
This boy sleeps more than any cat ive ever known and yet hes never upset being woken up for pets. If theres one thing this wonderfully beautiful boy craves it is attention and pets. He is an abused rescue cat, he used to be terrified of everyone and open areas but since having him he is now always having to be the life of the party and he loves it.
Ghost Cat, Jaspcat, Jaspababy
Cat treats, cat food, sleeping, catnip, corn, and relentlessly reaching for me to pet him
Loud sounds, sudden movements, and the food bowl not being filled to the very top
Favorite Foods
Blue buffalo sensitive systems, friskies party mix treats, catnip, and tuna
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, eating, being pet till he drools

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