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Meet Jillian Andersen

The Domestic Shorthair, Muted Tortie
Charmaine Evonne Mars

Jillian is a rescue kitty that I found on a farm in Erie, PA. She had a huge parasite in her neck, which I removed and took her home to make sure that she healed properly. She was also so small that she still needed bottle feeding, a responsibility that my father and I shared until she could eat regular food. She is an expert cuddler, often the "little spoon," and at age 10, she is still very playful and active, and friendly with guests. She has two sisters.

Jilly Bean, Neener Cat
Catnip, car rides, the lazer pointer, being the "little spoon," naptime with mommy, stealing sweets, pancakes, patches of sunshine
claw trims, dogs, moths, mommy on her cell phone, being alone
Favorite Foods
anything sweet, pancakes, lettuce, Purina One dry & wet foods
Favorite Pastimes
taking sefies with mommy, playing with her catnip kicker, making new friends and getting them to pet her, stealing nibbles from mommy's treats, playing with her sisters Vinyl and Jojo

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