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Meet Aries

The Tabby
Carrie, Ashley, and Bri Denver, Colorado

Aries is a 2 year old tabby who believes that he is king. He expects to be treated like a king and only eats the freshest watermelon and cantaloupe. He is a bit high maintenance and a little different from other cats, but once he warms up to you, rest assured that you will be getting lots of cat love. When he's not eating watermelon, he's outside pretending to be fierce, posing for the camera, or posting on his Instagram account. 

His instagram is @bodypawsitivecat

King Aries
Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Cuddle Time, Toys that jingle
Fish, Car Rides, Not getting attention
Favorite Foods
watermelon, cantaloupe, party mix cat treats
Favorite Pastimes
licking his paws, playing with hair ties, taking a nap

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