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Meet Jewel

The Ragdoll
Murphy Pittsburgh

 Jewel was the runt of the litter.  she was given to us half off because the previous owners (when she was a kitten) said "She crys to much." So we took her in. But we knew that she would be lonely. So we adopted her sister, Violet (vote for her sister please!) who was the first born of the litter of 8. She now is taken care of and loved by us, and her sister!

4 years
Jewely woolly, cupycake, gumdrop, creampuff, sweety pie.
Fetching hair ties, cuddles, sleeping at the foot of the bed, the warm spot in front of the fire place.
New people, big dogs, being alone.
Favorite Foods
Blue buffalo chicken food and treats
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with Violet, following her owner everywhere, sleeping.

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