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Meet Ashes

The Grey Tabby
Kelsey Newaygo

 He loves as much attention as you can give him. He thinks he runs the house, but in really he's just a big baby. I got him when he was 6 weeks old from an animal shelter. The minute I saw him I knew I was going to take him home. We instantly clicked. He became my furever baby. He loves getting his butt spanked for some odd reason. It's one of his favorite things to do. He's finally getting used to me trimming his toe nails every couple of weeks.

Ashy, giraffe cat, baby kitty, love button, pussy cato
Loves cuddling, Sheba salmon pate, catching mice, vanilla ice cream, and baths
Not being let in the bathroom while you are in there and hates the vacuum
Favorite Foods
Sheba salmon pate/chunks, greenies, nutrigrain bars, and pumpkin muffins
Favorite Pastimes
Loves getting his belly rubbed and making sure to be downstairs the minute I get home from work

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