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Meet Beatrice

The American Longhair
Joseph and Sabrina Lagana Brooklyn

Bea came 1 yr ago through a rescue. She is sweet & sassy, a real charmer! She waits patiently for us to get up, burning holes into us until we rise. She doesn't meow much but is always chirping which melts her dad's heart & mine! It's irresistibly cute!! Everywhere she goes, chirp, chirp, chirp!! We rescued an older girl and are so content w/ our new little family. We are all settling in & becoming closer everyday. 

A year old.
Bea, BB, Trix
Paper, boxes, chirping, hard head scratches, toys, food, playing tag with her sis and capturing her dad's heart!
Butt scratches, her sis not being as playful, waiting for dinner time, a made bed.
Favorite Foods
Nutro and Primal freeze dry
Favorite Pastimes
Running from one end of the house at top speed and diving into her giant Amazon box filled with Amazon paper, turning over showing her tummy while chirping.

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