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Meet Ms Meow

Dan and Katy Cline Manchester, New Jersey

This is Ms Meow. She is my outdoor only cat. She is something between 10-15 years old. She was the mouser cat in a warehouse with cleaning chemicals everywhere and was basically on her own till about 2 years ago. She was so dirty no one would touch her and had very thin hair. Now eats the best food and rolls in the grass and lays in the sun and watches over the yard as much as she wants. She is cuddly, friendly, happy, and we tell her all the time how beautiful she is.

Meow, Miss, My Girl
Yoga, being sung to, talking to mom about her day
being inside, cold weather, other cats
Favorite Foods
Cheese doodles, tasty treats
Favorite Pastimes
watching over the yard, hunting, sleeping

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