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Meet Olly

The Ragdoll
Chloe brentnall Leeds

Olly's name is also know as Olly Purrs, coming from my families favourite singer, Olly Murs. Olly is so amazing, he's so laid back, it's funny! We also have a puppy, a cross between a poodle and a bichon frise, Elsa, as you can imagine, she's super giddy! Olly just lets Elsa jump all over him whenever and never bites back, bless him!! He's so photogenic and loves being infront of the camera, as you can see, he's such a poser, especially with those blue eyes!

Oliver, Olly Purrs, Mr Jinx, Chicken Boy
Food! Cat treats, and sleep. He loves his owner, we have cuddles every morning
Any other cat
Favorite Foods
Tuna, chicken
Favorite Pastimes

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