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Meet Kisses

The Domestic Longhair
LeighAnne Ohio
Kisses is beautiful, sassy and independent. Works hard from home creating warm spots on the carpet and dents in the couch cushions. Only listens to her favorite person, Joshua (who doesn't even like cats..typical). Kittys love of floor licking and sneaky plate swiping puts her at a solid 16lbs and the rest of the girth is just hair. Kisses has an attitude identical to her owner which is what makes her the most fabulous animal to grace this planet.
Tits, Kitty
Food, Joshua, biting the hand that feeds, relaxing
Being brushed, her owner
Favorite Foods
Turkey, tuna, sweet treats and anything that falls on the floor that is not a vegetable
Favorite Pastimes
Cat nipping on the weekends, BUBBLES

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