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Meet Shane (Shay Shay)

The Bengal
Eileen Barrow Waxahachie Texas

This is my kitty baby Shane aka Shay Shay.

He is mostly Bengal, but his Mom also had a tiny bit of ragdoll in her, so this is actually a cat that could be considered a BengDoll, if pursuing TICA (The International Cat Association) and expensively trying to start a new breed.  As this is not that case, say hello to Shane the lovely Bengal.

3.25 month
Shay Shay
hiding in bags, playing with water, climbing, affection on HIS terms, jumping straight UP, that side step thing where back is up and fur on end
being petted when he is not in mood, my furniture because he scratches the heck out of most of it LOL
Favorite Foods
shredded chicken, tiny bits of most meats, Iams or Authority cat food
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with his siblings, taking long naps, jumping straight up which cracks me up, feeding with mommie

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