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Meet Shelby

The Half Calico, Half Tabby.
Rich Whitson & Kimberley Peterson Hanover, Pa
Meet our family cat, Shelby! She was a rescue cat through the ASPCA ;while being fostered by wonder lady, whom took Shelby in her home.. So grateful. We have raised her since she was a baby. Now, she is 8 years old! She is so very loving and loves to follow us all around! She loves her Kitty toys, catnip, her catnaps, of course!! She loves us most of all, as we do her!!
8 years old.
Shell or Shelb
Laying on your lap. Loves kitty treats and catnip. She also loves hanging out in the bathroom while one of us takes a shower. She loves being around us a the time!
Dogs, or Cats that she has not acquainted with. Shelby is known for showing other animals who's boss!
Favorite Foods
Cat treats.
Favorite Pastimes
When we adopted her. So many to choose from..

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