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Meet ChaChing

The Bengal
Marie Redmond Keswick, Ontario

You talkin' to Me?   This is ChaChings favourite hangout.  From this vantage point he can survey his kingdom and his loyal subjects...'us'.  He has provided our daily entertainment for the past 6 years.  ChaChing is a gorgeous Bengal, super intelligent, and the funniest cat that we have ever loved.  Mention the word 'chicken' and his heads does a 180 degree turn.  Yell, 'where's your jacket?' and he's ready to go.

Crazy Cat
Chicken, Walks, Cuddles, Hugs, Being talked to and yelling back. Sharing our meals Debating with us from the counter or table. Getting his own treats from the cupboard.
The words 'get down,' 'no' and 'I'm getting the spray'. A closed treat cupboard.
Favorite Foods
Chicken, chicken, and more chicken and TREATS.....lot's of TREATS!
Favorite Pastimes
Following me around the house and 'helping' with everything. Hiding behind doors. Ambushing our female cat Sassy.

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