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Meet Sky

The Domestic Short Hair
David Pullin Stoke-on-Trent, UK
I have had Sky since she was 7 weeks old. She is now at the age of 9 months. She is the best pet you could ask for. She is so loving, she sounds like a little generator when she purrs, she comes and kisses you on the nose if youre sad, she always wants cuddles.Her eyes always melts my heart. She is a full black cat with a little bit of white on her tummy and a little bit of white under her chin. Her mum was a tabby cat and her dad was a black cat so she was a bit of tabby mixed in her black fur
9 months
Sky Bobbies, Bobbykins, Generator, Sober Chops
Cuddles, Playing with the other pets, Loves fuss off her daddy and mummy and loves dreamies treats
Loud Noises, Being picked up when wanted to go out
Favorite Foods
Dreamies and Chicken and Cat Yoghurts and Cat Treat Sticks
Favorite Pastimes
Playing outside stalking her prey

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