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Meet Chewbacha

The Hymalain mix
Donna Wood Sr Cloud MN
Chewy is one of 10 rescue cats that have become family. Chewy is the sweetest fur ball on earth and I simply adore him. He doesn't meow like a normal cat. He chirps and coos. Any time I am.having a bad day Chewy magically appears for a hug. Cats are very good at knowing when one needs a hug.
3 yrs
Chewy, Choo choo
Playing with our newest rescue kitten. Snuggling in my arms. Attacking his sister.
Loud noise, crowds, the outdoors
Favorite Foods
Cheese, chicken and turkey baked, canned chicken pate cat food
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with the kitten, chasing foil.balls down stairs then bringing them back up and chasing them down the stairs again. Sleeping under the sofa. Sleeping on mom's lap.

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