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Meet Mochi

The Tabby Calico Mix
Madison Brooklyn, New York

Despite her intense fear of water, Mochi's favorite spot in *her* apartment is our bathroom sink. It's positioned right next to a window, where she can gaze up at birds sitting on power lines and at the green lawn in our neighbor's back yard. The sink is just big enough that she can also curl into a ball inside of it for a quick nap because - you know - she gets so exhausted from laying around all day. ;)  

Moch, Mimi, Mochini, Sweet Little Baby Angel
She likes cat nip, laying on her owner's stomach while she's sleeping, wrestling with her owner's hand, scratching tall hard objects, watching other animals from a window and chirping for no reason.
She dislikes being sprayed with water, the vaccum, the hairdryer, loud music and being picked up when she's comfortable.
Favorite Foods
Anything her owner is eating, basically.
Favorite Pastimes
In her free time, she loves to lounge around, nap, look out the window, repeat.

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