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Meet Venus

The Lynx Point Siamese
Lilibeth Arellano Pacoima

Venus, deliberately named after the deity of beauty, is an absolute princess. She is a finicky little thing, and only tends to snack on the finest of all cantaloupes. As delicate as she may seem, Venus is an agressive furball when it comes to play. She will attack your toes when you least expect it - ouch! Despite her troublesome attitude, she is an incredible cat with an infinite amount of love to give. 

Princesa, Lil' Fatty, Venish, Chubs, Baby, Gatita.
Kisses, kisses, and more kisses.
The horrible monster that is our vacuum cleaner.
Favorite Foods
Cantaloupe, string cheese, and yogurt.
Favorite Pastimes
Staring out the bedroom window (possibly waiting for her prince?)

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