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Meet Kimberly

The Kurilian Bobtail
Krysta Kramer Guadalajara, Mexico; Tucson, Arizona.

This cute cat was a gift from my dad 10 years ago. I was struggling to get used to my new school, after being homeschooled for 6 years. He thought I needed some motivation and she was just what I needed. From the first second I saw her, there was a special connection. I held her in my arms and she placed her head on one of them, almost falling asleep. She's always been a great company. The only cat I know that responds to whistling and comes running at you when you do.

10 years old
Kim, Kimber, Kimmy, Peque Chiqui.
String, whistle sounds, pillows, being photographed.
Loud noises.
Favorite Foods
Kibbles, sausage, tuna fish.
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds, playing with string and toys, cuddling.

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