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Meet Daisy May

The Moggy
Liv Yorkshire

Daisy was a stray as a kitten and we rescued her from a mechanics, she'd been for days covered in oil. She has always been lots of fun and enjoys playin with her sister and running around the garden without a care in the world! She makes the strangest noises, she coos like a pigeon, moos like a high pitched cow, which is why we call her Moose most of the time. She lies across me in he weird positions and loves to wake me up by sitting on my chest making it hard to breath!

Ribbon, boxes, rich tea biscuits, hunting, bath, garden
Ladders, men in hats, being brushed, the wind!
Favorite Foods
Rich tea biscuits, salmon, Vets Kitchen treats,
Favorite Pastimes
Hunting, fly catching

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