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Meet Karma

The Tabby
Dana Strathmore
I don't know where I would be without her. The last 5 years she had helped me through a lot. She plays fetch just like a dog, paper balls are her thing. She responds to "boobie" "meow meow" " boogie"and "karmie". We have own language the involves chirping to each other. The last 5 years she has woken me up every night at around 2-5am for cuddles and love, and yet I never get sick of it, I usually just grab her and do the spoon. She loves getting her ear cleaned and nails clipped.
Karmie, boobie, boogie, meow meow
Paper balls
Favorite Foods
Whiskas, the golden pieces first. Then I eat what's left.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping and drinking water from weird places

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