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Meet Herman

The Mixed ragdoll tiger longhair
Kelly Johnston-Gibson Idyllwild, CA

Herman was born without the use of his back legs but it doesn't stop him from being a little Warrior King! 

Our home has been filled with such joy and laughter because of this little guy and his soft snuggles, playful chirping, table leg attacking, tornado-like laser chasing, and stunning good looks ;). He amazes us with his adaptability and strength -- in fact his disability is a huge part of his charm. 

Hermie is the best fur baby we've ever had!

1 year
Hermie, Heeeems, Weems, Bud-Bud, Heemster
Attacking table legs, playing chase, Kung Fu, playing with tennis balls, clean diapers
When the other kitties are too tired to play, bath time
Favorite Foods
Pumpkin, Canidae Pure Sea, Wellness Kittles
Favorite Pastimes
Spooning with mom, singing really early in the morning, stalking Binks (sister)

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