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Meet Misia

The Black and White
Kate Ponoka

Misia is an amazing cat and like all cats love to do those cat's things. Everyday she's the reason of our smiles - she make our live more colorfull. She love to walk with us in the parks , or walks no leash - sometimes we just think we have a dog not a cat  - she never run away - she always stay with us - sometimes stoping for checking how tasty is the grass or that bug what was just on it. At the end of the day she always come to our bed.


Misia , Cicia
Long walks in the park, drink water from a spoon, Love to sit on the window, play with everything in the middle of the night, sleep in travel bag, jump in my Husband work lunch bag after he show up from work,
to be awake for no reason, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, people on bicycle's,
Favorite Foods
Greenies , Natural Balance sachet's all of them,
Favorite Pastimes
Wake me up in the middle of the night, destroy cardboard boxes, play with bugs, fly's, play with any kind of rope, love small pieces of paper , play with rubber bands

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